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Certification in ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 22000, ISO 18000.

We all know that in order to fulfil customer requirement and to ensure continual improvement, we needs to upgrade and certify our management system compare to various standards designed by ISO and other relevant orgnisation , so we are here to help you in this regard, we will help you in designing systems according to relevant standards , we will train your staff according to system and we will also help you to get your system certified by competent certification body.

CE, ISI, Trademark Registration & Consultation.

If you want your product to be certified as per relevant CE or ISI guidelines , We will help you get it, here we will support you by helping to fill up the forms, in finding right directives, in assessing your existing product and system according to relevant standard , we will do liasioning on your behalf with registration body and we will suggest you modifications in system or product if necessary Also If you want your logo, trade name, tag line registered, we will help you in achieving that very objective fastly and economically.

Marketing Assignment, Brand Development.

Now days what we found out, that sometimes for a company there is a need to market particular product or service or brand to some niche segment but because of either not having enough staff or other reason this kind of marketing assignment gets either postponed or does not get properly executed , if you are facing similar kind of problem then we will do this kind of job for you with equal integrity and passion

Software Development.

If you want to develop customised software for your company, we will help you by providing you right direction and we will also help you in getting an effective and simple software done at economical cost

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Land Mark Infra

" Although our project was comparatively small in scope, Yashada Consultants have done a very professional and thorough job. They have definitely exceeded our expectations. Yashada has helped us achieve significant savings in our electrical items procurement with their systematic, cost based analysis tool. I look forward to working with Yashada for our future projects as well "

Mr.Piyush Samani

Shri Reality Construction

"I am working with 'Yashada Consultants' from last two years. I found team-Yashada very confident & clear in their domain knowledge. They are always result oriented instead of reason oriented"


Consultant-Precision Engineering

"Excellent in Education, knowledge in various Subjects like Electrical.Mechanical,Civil,Electronics etc . Go-get-ter in all fields he has entered. I wish him grand future!"

Mr.Shridhar Relekar

Manager-Accounts and Finance

"Actually for recommending prasad, this site program restricts to select top 3 attributes; otherwise i would have selected all of them for Prasad, to the extent which i know him. i am confident everybody working with Prasad will have the same experience. "

Mr.Ranadheer Patwardhan

chief consultant at narmada management

"PRASAD DIXIT- has got all the potential that a future business leader should have- a business background, right educational credentials, right attitude, right approach , great but practical ideas, so i think he is the person whom every business person should get associated in one or other form - IN SHORT HE IS THE PERSON TO WATCH"

Mr.Alhad Manjrekar


"Prasad was sincere student and always tried to do some different at college days. He has the great potential to become successful entrepreneur."

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